Education Fund


Uganda has become a springboard for many of our South Sudanese young men and women once they graduate from the secondary school in Yei. The education systems of South Sudan are still remote and developing throughout the country, so Uganda has become a part of our educational pipeline.

His Voice Global helps provide university or trade school education for those who have come from the secondary school orphanage at the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in South Sudan.

The student Education Fund makes it possible for the orphans to continue their education so they can return to help rebuild their home country of South Sudan. We currently have 19 students in Arua, with at least that number scheduled to arrive each of the next few years. A single year’s expenses for a trade school student is roughly $1,500, and expenses for a college student are roughly $2,500 per year.

Emmanuel Fastino is a good example of the impact of this fund. Emmy’s father died when he was young, leaving him and his two sisters with his mother. She did all she could to provide for them, but there was no food, no clothes, no money, and little hope. He said, “All I could do was pray.” Emmy’s prayers were answered when he became one of the first kids to enter the Morobo primary school and orphanage established by His Voice Global and our partner the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Yei, South Sudan. That was in the year 2005, when Emmy was eight years old.

After Emmy went to live in the orphanage, he said he was given the first pair of shoes in his life. “I was so happy, and I am so grateful that today it’s like I am someone else. Now I have a future.” Emmy now attends law school in Uganda, and plans to return to South Sudan after he graduates.

Our 2019 goal is to raise $100,000 for our Education Fund to pay for the tuition and living expenses of our students.